So whenever I said
“I can’t”… she told
me yes you can because
there is no such thing as can’t.
You can do anything within your
control. Although I didn’t always

believe her over the years life
has proven to me over and over
again that her words of wisdom
were true; and it’s because
of these three words: Amazing,
Dynamic, and Hope!

If you’re in a rut you can get
out, you just have to change
your mind; especially with
regard to these three strong
words, Amazing, Dynamic, and

She also always told
me that I would always
face adversity. So there
is nothing to do about
it but face it and learn
how to overcome it

Amazing, Dynamic, Hope

The Hopeful Can do Mindset vs. the The Common Can't do Mindset

Unfortunately there is a more common mindset plaguing the world today that says can't is more than a word. It's a slogan - an answer for every single one of life's problems. These equally strong, but crippling words are insignificant, dull, and hopeless.

You Are Amazing

You have amazing abilities, most of which you would never know you have - until you’re faced with some form of adversity. Adversity forces you to uncover them. Thus, adversity is good

Life is Dynamic

Life constantly changes. It is full of difficulties. Tomorrow your reality will be different than it is today, and was in the past. Whatever is going wrong today could flip and be awesome in the future

There's Always Hope

In fact, hope never leaves us we push it away. Most of our daily activities hinge on hope. It’s when we want to make changes we feel we can’t achieve them and then blame it on hope failing us

Insignificant, Dull, Hopeless


Many people think they’re insignificant and powerless to do anything

Life is Dull

They think life is boring, uneventful, hopeless, and always out to get them

There's no Hope

They think nothing will change even if they try so there's no point

Hoping vs. Wishing


Of course, there are things you can’t do, but these aren’t related to hope because they’re wishes; and you need to distinguish the difference between the two. Hope is a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen.



A wish is a strong desire or hope for something that cannot or probably won’t happen; things such as being able to fly, make 1 million dollars in a day, or get someone to give up an addiction. These are wishes, not hopes...and wishing won't make it so.



Remembering this difference can save you a lot of stress and heartache

Motivation - Get Motivated Now

If I were to choose the main theme of get motivated now it would be for you to realize how amazing you are. Moreover, it is because you are amazing that your ability to change is limitless.


If you cling to hope of something better to get you through the rough patches and use how dynamic life is and adversity to move you along, you can do so many amazing things that you will have no choice but to be happy.


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